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I noticed real-time protection turns off and doesn’t turn on. I sought help on Google. Guess what? It’s a download error.
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I noticed real-time protection turns off and doesn’t turn on. I sought help on Google. Guess what? It’s a download error.

It took me two uninstalls and three re-installs to get internet protection that I purchased in the package. Once Malwarebytes installed properly, it was worth my frustration. Quarantine doesn’t delete viruses. It isolates them for the user to manually delete. Real-time protection is superior. Malwarebytes doesn’t harass customers like other companies with ads. It works x better than AVG, which scans but doesn’t kill viruses. No regrets. Lewis R. I am aggravated by the seemingly constant interruption with on my screen of your services!

Thank you for your cooperation as of immediately! Thank you! Had it for years with lifetime license, log on this morning and it’s back to trialware and I go to website to get my registration info and find out that it’s now Well bye-bye Malwarebytes, not worth Very happy with it. And if you get all the things you need for your computer, all the different things that you need to buy to stay safe.

Dang it would cost you more than your computer did and even more so if you have more than 1 computer. The support sucks and it took them days to get back. They gave me a download link and said to reactivate another version.

But their download would no open up – I got an error popup window. I will be finishing out my subscription and never consider using them again. Save yourself headaches and do not use this service. I had a troublesome adware such that when I closed the add X another add would immediately appear and when I closed it another ad appeared etc.

So yes it is limited, and it is not an AV program but it worked great on adware and trojans when the major top AV programs did not find nor remove them and Malwarebytes is well worth the price. I also ran a comparison between bitdefender and that comparison put maleware Bytes as the better of the two. I also use it with win 10 pro and again find it finds and deletes things that got past MS Defender and Kaspersky.

I use it on occasion if and when I have some problem on my pc. Used prog for several years and very happy. However, recently advised of update which I downloaded and which gave immediate problems; the prog wouldn’t open!

I deleted what I had and found my way here. The Malware website gives the opportunity to download a free copy of the prog but you have to be aware that you must deactivate premium trial from within settings in order to continue with the use of the free prog. From you comments I think you have been treated appallingly; I’m afraid it’s another case of ‘ let’s get as much income as we can, let’s scare our customers and sod it if they don’t like it ‘.

Malware could be very much more profitable if it had a good Product Manager in charge! I’m in the UK and a member of Which magazine which has, in the past, extolled the virtues of Malwarebytes; I shall be reporting to them about this latest unsatisfactory development with this so called ” Freeware ” offer.

As noted by others, when 3. But that’s in the past now Compare Antivirus.

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Proven Malwarebytes technology crushes the growing threat of Mac malware. Malwarebytes 3 is a next-generation antivirus replacement. Malwarebytes 3 is. Malwarebytes provides the antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware defense .

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