Protect .Net exe code & dll from reverse engineering

Try now Watch Demo Watch this demo, how to protect a. Net application exe along with dll file. Unlike other software which only obfuscates the code,. Net code protector for.
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Protect .Net code from reverse engineering

Try now Watch Demo Watch this demo, how to protect a. Net application exe along with dll file. Unlike other software which only obfuscates the code,. Net code protector for. Net applications uses Black-box encryption algorithm to encrypt the code of. Net application exe which makes reverse engineering almost impossible using disassemblers.

Normally code of an exe can be rad or extracted using. Net Reflector or other disassemblers. Why you need to protect your.

Net exe and dll? When you compile a program written for the Microsoft. NET framework, the program you provide to your users is not compiled into a native executable program, but instead is translated into something called the Common Intermediate Language instructions CIL.

CIL is half way between source code and native code, and is interpreted by the. NET framework when your program is run, rather than executed directly as machine code. Because of this, the source code of your application or library can be easily reproduced. Tools such as. NET Reflector www. NET assemblies in seconds, and in the.

NET language of your choice! Clearly, commercial software distributed to end users without some form of protection is wide open to piracy and intellectual property theft. The traditional solution to intellectual property protection in. NET is to use ‘obfuscation’, indeed Microsoft makes an obfuscation utility available to Visual Studio users. Why is obfuscation not enough? Obfuscation is the process of making your source code more difficult but not impossible for humans to understand.

Obfuscation works by replacing the meaningful names you assign to classes, methods, properties and variables with meaningless ones. For example, it may replace a variable name of “counter” with “A4DF3CV89G” – to humans these obfuscated names are confusing and difficult to remember, but have no effect on the NET Framework interpreter. Note that obfuscation does nothing to the source code within your methods, so it is not protected at all by obfuscation.

NET Reactor does everything an obfuscator does, but then wraps your intellectual property in several more layers of protection, denying access to your source code to even those who are determined to steal your hard work. NET Reactor’s protection has never been cracked, something which cannot be said about obfuscators.

Industry leading Authguru. Net code protector It prevents de-compilation by a variety of methods which convert your. NET assemblies into processes which no existing tool can de-compile and which are also very likely to prevent decompilation by any future tool. NET code protector builds a native code wall between potential hackers and your. Because the CIL in your assembly is emitted intact only at run time or design time in a form in which the source is completely inaccessible.

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